Evaluate Site Alternatives

Update site information

  1. See gather site information

Establish site design criteria

  1. Environmental impact minimized
  2. Building orientation takes advantage of natural features
  3. Meets requirements identified in gather site design requirements

Prepare alternative site design schemes

  1. Required alternative schemes are completed: site layouts, parking layouts, circulation, access, ancillary structures, site improvements, grading alternatives, on-site equipment locations
  2. Parking stall types, sizes, and numbers conform to criteria in gather parking design requirements
  3. Number and types of alternatives agree with contract requirements
  4. Schemes conform to office standards: layout, format, identification, date
  5. Schemes reviewed by appropriate parties prior to sign-off: principals, project architects, consultants, owner reps
  6. Iterate until approved

Discuss alternative design schemes with consultants

  1. Consultants have reviewed and commented on each alternative: landscape, civil, mechanical, electrical
  2. Iterate until approved


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