Evaluate Parking Alternatives

Gather parking design aids

  1. All parking design aids obtained: reference information, prior project layouts, photos

Establish parking design criteria

  1. Locations of stalls and driveways permit easy access to parking: adequate turning radii, appropriate slope, no dead ends
  2. Large parking areas broken up by planting, screening
  3. Unobstructed lines of sight maintained at intersections: for pedestrian traffic, for vehicular traffic
  4. Loose materials not used where they might create hazards or maintenance problems: gravel, pebbles, stones
  5. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic separated
  6. Planting and pedestrian areas protected from traffic: curbs, bollards
  7. Shielding provided for headlight glare: planting, fencing, earth berms
  8. Meets requirements identified in gather parking design requirements

Prepare alternative parking schemes

  1. Required schemes are completed
  2. Iterate until approved

Discuss alternative design schemes with consultants

  1. Consultants have reviewed each alternative: landscape, civil
  2. Iterate until approved


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