Gather Site Information

Determine collection methods

  1. Best method to collect site information identified: interviews, meetings, questionnaires, form letters, phone calls, emails, website visits, photos, existing drawings, computer simulations, site visits

Gather site information

  1. All environmental conditions identified: sun loads throughout day, shadows throughout day, seasonal changes, temperature changes, rain loads, snow loads, wind loads, prevailing wind directions
  2. All adjacent conditions identified: site access, adjacent landforms, adjacent buildings, road and traffic systems, transit systems, drainage features
  3. All positive site features identified: views
  4. All negative site features identified: noise, poor views, traffic
  5. All features to be protected identified: trees, vegetation, existing structures

Gather site design requirements

  1. All spatial requirements identified: size and types of site areas, functional relationships, design requirements and expectations, integration with existing facilities, demolition of existing facilities, future uses, tenant uses
  2. All ways to adapt design to existing physical conditions identified: traffic, existing buildings, existing landscaping, soil types, bearing capacities, adjacent conditions, slopes, drainage, native plant populations, geologic and seismic conditions, utility easements, utility lines, smells
  3. All special access requirements identified: pedestrian, wheelchair, automobile, fire department, deliveries, trash removal
  4. All security and safety requirements identified: defensible space
  5. All proposed future development identified
  6. Design considerations documented: traffic flow, design character, design features


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