Gather Parking Information

Determine collection methods

  1. Best methods to collect parking requirements identified: interviews, meetings, questionnaires, form letters, phone calls, emails, website visits, photos, existing drawings, computer simulations, site visits

Gather parking design requirements

  1. All parking requirements identified: owner, tenant, accessibility, building code, zoning code
  2. All parking design standards identified: stall sizes, types, driveway widths
  3. All recommended parking ratios identified: based on unit types, building types
  4. All parking requirements identified for: cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, busses
  5. All loading requirements identified for: deliveries, pedestrians, trash, busses
  6. All requirements identified for: on-site parking, off-site parking, on-street parking
  7. All information about existing conditions identified: landscaping, traffic


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