Visit Site

Prepare for visit

  1. Best methods to collect site information identified: checklists, video recordings, photos, sound recordings, aerial surveys, interviews, handwritten notes, redlines
  2. Best time to visit identified: appropriate parties available, no other interfering activities
  3. All required travel arrangements have been made: car rental, plane tickets
  4. All participants have been notified: team members, owner, consultants, building occupants
  5. Meeting time and location has been confirmed: team members, owner, consultants, building occupants
  6. All required subtasks have been listed: questions to ask, questions to answer, measurements to take, photos to take, conditions to observe
  7. All required materials for visit are at hand: drawings, reference documents, survey forms, camera, voice recorder, clipboard, notepad, pencils, PDA, GPS, keys, flashlites, hand level, chalk, measuring instruments, tools and equipment

Visit site

  1. Site visited and required information acquired: photos, field measurements, noise impressions, traffic impressions, neighborhood impressions, environmental conditions, physical conditions
  2. All required conditions have been documented: photos taken, measurements taken, observations recorded, problems identified
  3. All required discussions have been completed: owner, consultants, occupants
  4. All documents to be left at site have been delivered: photos, drawings

Document results

  1. All observations have been documented and stored: photos downloaded, notes and recordings transcribed and filed
  2. All appropriate drawings have been prepared or updated: site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, details
  3. Formal reports have been prepared and filed
  4. Reports have been distributed to interested parties: owner, consultants, attendees


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