Select Paving Materials

Prepare paving evaluation criteria

  1. Code considerations documented: slip-resistance, accessibility requirements
  2. Cost considerations documented: initial cost, maintenance costs
  3. Availability considerations documented: available locally, can be installed locally
  4. Character considerations documented: patterns, colors, textures
  5. Owner requests documented

Select paving materials and products

  1. Driveway, parking lot materials selected: asphalt, concrete, permeable pavers
  2. Playground materials selected: rubber tiles, poured in-place rubber surfacing
  3. Sidewalk, pathway, patio materials selected: brick, pavers, concrete (exposed aggregate, stamped, colored), asphalt (colored, stamped), stone, cobblestone, sandstone, bluestone, limestone, slate, quartzite, tile, gravel, pebbles, permeable pavers

Select paving edge materials and products

  1. Driveway edging materials selected: wood, concrete curbs, asphalt curbs
  2. Sidewalk edging materials selected: wood, concrete curbs, none

Assure selections meet evaluation criteria

  1. All selections meet design evaluation criteria: code, cost, availability, character, owner requests


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