Draw Enlarged Floor Plans

Lay out sheet

  1. Sheet includes appropriate cross-reference information: title block, north arrow, drawing date, approval stamps, sheet number, legends, notes

Create viewports

  1. All required enlarged floor plans are shown: existing plans, demolition plans, alteration plans
  2. Viewport sizes are adequate to show all required information
  3. Space is provided for information not yet shown: dimensions, notes

Add views from model

  1. All required information from model is shown: walls, adjacent construction, toilet partitions, plumbing fixtures, grab bars, counters, dimensions, grid lines and bubbles
  2. Only appropriate layers are shown
  3. Information is shown at appropriate scale: walls, notes, symbols, dimensions, room names, room numbers
  4. Graphics is shown at appropriate scale: hatching, symbols
  5. All demolition information is shown: items to be removed, replaced, patched, repaired

Add supplemental information

  1. Required supplemental information has been added: floor plan titles, building identifiers, room types, dimensions, grid bubbles, door symbols
  2. Supplemental information is shown at appropriate scale


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