Draw Typical Detail

Show detail graphics and notation

  1. Every component shown is identified by keynote or symbol
  2. All keynotes are same size
  3. Detail scale is shown
  4. Detail title is shown
  5. Detail title describes what is shown and where detail is taken
  6. Keynote text conforms to office standard: size, style, location, layer, format, content
  7. Detail numbers conform to office standard: size, location, symbol, layer, sequence
  8. Detail title text conforms to office standard: size, location, layer
  9. Detail graphics conform to office standard: line weights, layering system, graphic symbols

Coordinate with other documents

  1. Every detail is keyed in by detail number at least once, on appropriate small-scale drawing: plans, elevations, sections
  2. Every abbreviation and graphic symbol is described in legend: see show legend
  3. Every detail symbol is described in legend
  4. Every component shown in detail is specified: [in specifications checklist]


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